Services to All Industry Sectors, Governments and Other Organisations

Veratem provide direct services to companies or organisations that utilise information and business process control systems directly in the management of their activities.

Veratem contracts directly with these organisation and via various recruitment and resourcing companies.

Veratem generally supply either specialist resources or support services with a wide range of contractual options and locations

Excellent Highly Experienced Human Resources

Working for you, augmenting your internal skills and resources to ensure your project is a success.


  • Multi-project management coordinating across platforms and companies.
  • Global implementations and roll outs, including advanced project templates.
  • Technical and feasibility oversight
  • Organisational road map creation and maintenance.


  • Advanced dynamic project management techniques.
  • Insightful micro event and delivery management.
  • Sophisticated reporting and summary systems, to provide overview with on-demand drill down.
  • Cost, Quality and Time focussed protocols.


  • Economic and experienced administration services.
  • Advanced toolsets and systems to automate the bean counting aspects of projects.


  • Quality assessment frameworks to double check project management.
  • Best practice protocol supply and audit.
  • Quality reports and analysis.
  • ROI lock-in procedures and processes.


  • Functional and technical systems design from entire solution to specific modifications.
  • Quality assurance of existing designs and proposals.
  • Verification of solutions and implementation and development quality and suitability. Feasibility and practicality of solution.
  • Design best practice feedback.
  • Alternative solutions and suggestions.


  • Data Migration – specialist in all aspects from all source systems.
  • Installation and configuration.
  • Integrations between systems and modules.
  • Integration of advanced systems, biztalk, EDI, code objects etc.


  • Financial, Logistics, Manufacturing and Specialist Areas
  • Requirements Analysis.
  • Functional and Technical specification.
  • Implementation and configuration.
  • UAT and workshops.
  • Conference room pilots and live simulations.


  • Training in the core product or a wide range of peripheral systems.
  • High quality, fully documented training course or one to one delivery.
  • Feedback and user certification systems to ensure quality and effectiveness of training.
  • Focused personalised training to power up new users or existing users in new areas of the system
  • High quality documentation and training manuals.
  • Multi part training programs with recap sessions, ideal for technical training


  • End-to-end development.
  • System upgrades.
  • Integrated module development.
  • Technical oversight
  • Unit testing and Regression testing
  • Integration of modifications


  • Pre and post contractual audits
  • Arbitration and problem resolution
  • Responsibility and culpability assessments.
  • Contractual case analysis.
  • Legal case assessment.

Targeted and Effective Support Services

Decades of effective support delivered to a wide range of clients, from emergency recovery to ongoing system and software cover


  1. Emergency Support to cover sudden loss of resources.
  2. Short Term Support to provide cover until more permanent solutions are found, for example to cover a go live or to support the change in solution centre process.
  3. Long Term/Permanent Support arrangements with costs automatically adjusting to usage.
  4. Pay as you use support from a time of incident bank.

All our support contracts can be supplied within business hours or up to 24 Hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year as required. Global support is also available.


· Issue resolution in a wide range of areas, including but not limited to consultancy, product, development and technical, across all areas of the core application and related systems.

· Definition of the problem and what possible solutions are as part of scoping.

· Fixed or capped cost resolution.

· System optimisation and performance issue resolution.

· Integration and migration technical assistance and solution provision.


· System installation assessments, resourcing, and configuration.

· Security assessments.

· Development quality and documentation assessments.

· Configuration and set-up reviews.


· Verification of back-up and DR plans and plan design consultancy.

· Full investment protection, including documentation and resource backup proposal.

· Disaster recovery project and technical coordination.

· Cost, time and quality prioritised recovery plans.

· Alternative solutions and suppliers.

· Focused hot issues plans.

High level resourcing and extended hours, maximum solution focus


  • Statutory compliance and audit
    • Data protection legislation advice and policy preparation.
    • General statutory and legislative advice and guidance.
  • Contractual advice, preparation, and verification.
    • Supplier audit and verification
    • Resource audit and verification
    • Solution audit and verification
  • Extensive Legal experience
    • Case building and review
    • Expert witness services
    • Barrister and solicitor support services.
  • Arbitration and negotiation
    • Resolution focussed negotiation
    • High audit protocols.
    • Diplomatic, highly knowledgeable experts that command respect.
  • Solution centre/supplier change
    • Established protocol for solution centre assessment and selection.
    • Industry insight into supplier history, project load and problems.
    • Management and advice in the change process.
    • Knowledge and advice on alternative models


  • Cost and time focussed solution provision.
  • Return of Investment focussed methodologies.
    • ROI analysis templates to calculate cost effectiveness of proposed solutions.
    • Solution provision with predefined cost parameters.
    • Ongoing system support verification.
  • System upgradability assessment and advice.
  • Advice and guidance in respect to protection from IT industry market changes.
  • Road maps for investment security.
  • Deliverable quality advice.
  • Practice correction

Contractual Options and Locations

A large range of contractual options delivered over a wider range of locations.


Veratem can supply services via several modes including: –

1.    Fixed cost Capped or Time and Material contracts for specific tasks or ranges of tasks.

2.    A call off service based on an open order authorised by task and billed as time is used for ad hoc advice and support via telephone email etc.

3.    An open consultancy agreement with regular scheduled meeting attendance where services and input are defined.


Veratem can  and have supplied services:-

1.    Remotely using a range of  remote communication systems.

2.    Within the UK Onsite up to Five Days per week.

3.    In Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada,  South Africa.

4. Other locations by special arrangement.