Services to the Information Technology Sector

Veratem has a great deal of experience in assisting solution centres and other IT companies with all aspects of their operations.

As well as the General Services that can be supplied directly to you or to your customers branded as your own resources, we also supply a range of services specifically tailored for IT Companies.

Operational Assistance for IT Companies

Veratem personnel have worked with many major IT companies in assisting them with accessing new markets and expanding their portfolio of products and services they offer.

These services are aimed at providing internal operational assistance to IT companies for this process or to assist in resource gaps or  temporary logistics and operational problems


Assistance with identifying recruitment and validation of resource skills based on knowledge of market and requirements.


  • Sales force – hot points that sell the product
  • Consultants – Introduction to core functionality
  • Developers – Demonstration of development environment and capabilities


  • Provision of systems for play and experimentation.
  • Set up and configuration of development systems,
  • Azure, AWS and other cloud services orientation and set-up


  • Technical Training, Installation, Management, On Premise and Cloud
  • Application Usage, Financial, logistics, Manufacturing, Specialist Modules.
  • Development, Coding, Interfacing, Best Practice, System Merging.
  • Project Management, advanced methodologies, quality, time and budget control.


  1. Recruitment process definition, template questionnaires and procedures 
  2. Recruitment process assistance, interviews, skills test, resource and market knowledge                                                                                      –     
  3. Sales force training and orientations course, demo set up and sale.                              
  4. Product hot point introduction, overview
  5. Development guidelines and protocols, to set up dev service                               
  6. Pre-sales requirement capture and estimating ensure accurate estimating. 
  7. Overview of solution centre protocols and standards (from sale to post live support)
  8. Installation and set-up of internal systems, including as a training exercise
  9. Using Applications internally, introduction to Workflow/PM add in.
  10. Comprehensive Focused Functionality Training courses 
  11. Comprehensive Development Training courses
  12. Project management and advanced control methodologies

 Appropriate templates and documentation supplied with each service.

Pre-sales and Marketing Assistance

Once your sales force are ready to be let loose, we can provide support and assistance with your first few sales (and beyond, as is often the case), either directly face-to-face with your prospects, helping with putting together your proposals or validating your quotations before they go to the client.


  • “Invisible” or transparent engagement
  • General or specific product/vertical functionality


  • Requirement assessment
  • Functionality matching


  • Complete quotation production
  • Specific section control
  • Oversight and advice


  • Quality control
  • Feasibility checking
  • License and services confirmation


  1. Pre-sales demonstration and assistance                               
  2. Sales solution assembly and quote preparation
  3. Responding to Customers Queries
  4. Rapid development to assist in sales proposal
  5. Supply of reference sites in some cases                                 
  6. Requirements analysis and scoping services                                
  7. Project planning and main proposal preparation 
  8. Contract design and verification                                 
  9. Technical prototyping and proof of concept
  10. Costing simulation and sense checks
  11. Supply of toolkit or add on systems and improvements 
  12. Access to vertical market modules to provide commercial advantage 

Appropriate templates and documentation supplied with each service. 

Client Facing Resources

We work for many other IT companies, for specific contracts and on an ongoing subcontract basis.  

We operate either invisibly or as transparent subcontractors – often having email addresses and business cards to present a consistent brand to the client.

Our experienced and multi-skilled consultants can offer the following services and can carry out these tasks either on their own or shadowing your team to provide backup and on-the-job experience sharing.


  • Requirement gathering, Gap/fit analysis, Development identification
  • Scoping, Budget establishment, Prioritisation, Phase setting
  • Solution and Technical Architect Services
  • System setup
  • Workshop running, Testing and refinement
  • Training, User acceptance testing management
  • Process training, Product training
  • System administration training


  • Functional and Technical specification
  • Presentation and refinement
  • End-to-end development
  • Technical oversight
  • Unit testing, Regression testing
  • Code and Data upgrading, Integration of modifications
  • Integrations between systems, Integrated module development
  • Integration of advanced systems, biztalk, EDI, code objects etc.


  • Prioritisation of migration requirements – what stays and what goes
  • Source data analysis, Feasibility and ROI analysis
  • Strategizing and planning
  • Extraction of data in meaning form – ranging from screen-grabbing from character-based systems to SQL Server DTS and beyond
  • Data quality analysis, Normalisation, De-duplication
  • Source-target mapping
  • Format updates, Custom import coding


  • System readiness confirmation
  • Go/no-go management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Live data migration
  • User access/functionality phasing
  • Process assistance
  • Issue resolution
  • On-the-spot refresher training


  • Extended go-live support availability
  • Key milestone process assistance (first month-end)
  • Issue management, short, medium or long-term
  • Instance based advanced support/helpdesk service
  • Insurance based contracts, Open or fixed scope
  • Single point of contact
  • Later phase and de-phased requirements
  • Ad hoc tasks, change requests and small modifications


  • Advanced project management using our proprietary methodologies
  • Strategizing and damage limitation
  • Fault-finding and analysis
  • Resource provision – technical, consultative and development
  • ROI optimisation
  • Independent arbitration
  • Contract review and analysis
  • Expert witness services


  1. Implementation Consultancy (general or by functional area)                        
  2. Lead consultancy
  3. Solution Architecture 
  4. Project Management                          
  5. Project Oversight                                                                                           
  6. Project Administration 
  7. Support services, problem solving, functional questions and solutions         
  8. Technical Architecture                                                                                                    
  9. Technical consultancy and support
  10. Quality control services
  11. Specification creation, quality control and verification 
  12. Time and Material rapid development                            
  13. Fixed cost development
  14. Prototyping and specialist integrations and projects                                                               
  15. Comprehensive Testing and Quality control services                
  16. Code merging and integration, conflict resolution
  17. Reverse engineering and analysis              
  18. Problem solving and bug tracking, data corruption resolution 
  19. System upgrades and advanced technical services
  20. Data Migration Analysis                             
  21. Specialist extraction services 
  22. Pre-processing and analysis 
  23. Guidance/support and problem-solving services                   
  24. Go Live total management                                
  25. Go live standby emergency support 
  26. Go live rehearsals and simulations
  27. Invisible first to fourth level support services                                                                             
  28. Incidence based, solve anything contracts 
  29. Support services training and utilities 
  30. Emergency and out of hours cover
  31. Disaster recovery services 
  32. Project assessment services                                        
  33. Targeted problem solving and key failure resolution
  34. Legal services from initial management to court expert witness
  35. Arbitration services 
  36. Solution centre optimisation and sourcing services 

Appropriate templates and documentation supplied with each service.