The Core Team

The core Veratem team have worked together in various companies since meeting at university and shortly afterwards. Starting in Computer Games at the time of the Microcomputer boom, we have accumulated knowledge and experience in every aspect of Information Technology, from low level hardware and infrastructure all the way up to the most advanced software systems. The teams skill sets perfectly compliment each other and we work very efficiently together both in respect to solving problems, design and developing solutions.

We are well known in the industry sectors we work in and have worked at various points over the last thirty years with many of the major organisations that deliver solutions to companies, governments and charities in the United Kingdom, Europe and Globally.


Veratem was established in 2009 in order to promote and market a wide range of technical and functional Intellectual property developed by the Core Team over several decades working with a prominent industry investor and business angel.

Due to our connections in the industry Veratem were asked to assist in resolving an increasing number of problematic projects and we have gradually changed our primary focus to become a specialist resourcing and troubleshooting practice.

Our unique combination of broad and deep technical, business and legal skills combined with creativity and analysis skills that rival the best available has made us ideally positioned for this role. In 2018 the management team bought out the primary investors and Veratem is now owner managed. We are looking forward to working with our many closely associated sister and consortium partners to leverage our unique abilities to a broader market over the coming years.

Our Customers

Veratem do not currently actively market either our products or our services, all business is almost exclusively by referral. We have worked on many projects for a vast number of companies and organisations many household names both directly and via other IT companies.

Our personnel often work under the badges of other organisations either as open declared subcontractors or as their own resources.